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We wouldn’t expect anyone to seek treatment, especially of a kind which requires absolute trust and integrity, without reassurance that Sarah really can help. Here are some testimonials to her skills, professionalism and achievements.

Miracle worker!
Sarah came highly  recommended by a friend and she has helped me with a ten year long back problem that I have seen a number of specialists and consultants for without cure. She has also helped following a head trauma where the GP said I’d have to live with ongoing concussion, sometimes it takes months to settle. Sarah settled it in a single session.
Very friendly and profession,  Sarah knows her stuff more than any other specialist I’ve encountered (and there have been a few!).
Luke, Hants


“I have used Sarah’s physiotherapy services several times and am currently undergoing treatment for a shoulder problem. I have always found Sarah to be highly informative, professional and, importantly, a compassionate therapist.  I have found my sessions to be directly beneficial to the presenting problems and would wholeheartedly recommend her to any potential customers.”
Fiona, Bristol

“As a retired physiotherapist, I have been delighted at the holistic approach that Sarah was able to give to an acute back pain episode coupled with chronic arthritic knees and a weight problem, by using NLP and hypnotherapy alongside the physiotherapy/acupuncture techniques that I expected.”
Liz, Bristol

“I have seen Sarah many times for physiotherapy with acupuncture for a recurring shoulder issue, and not only have her treatments been greatly, and immediately, beneficial, but she is a warm, friendly compassionate and highly professional  physiotherapist who manages to make the visit a pleasure – even when something is sore or tight. I have also sampled her NLP and hypnotherapy treatments, which had a positive knock-on effect in reducing tension, thus easing stress in the shoulder area.”
Jenni, Bristol

“I have met Sarah on two occasions, to help me with NLP and hypnotherapy to address two separate problems. Firstly I was experiencing severe anxiety which was affecting my enjoyment of life, and secondly I was comfort eating. Sarah was kind, professional and careful with her explanations, and I felt involved in the decision-making process with regard to my treatment.”
Claire, Bath

“For many years I had been suffering from a phobia of having my blood pressure taken – to the point where I would often pass out, much to my embarrassment.  After mentioning this to Sarah I embarked on a course of hypnotherpay. I had visited Sarah on several occasions over the years for various sports injuries, so I knew her well and trusted her completely. My initial scepticism soon vanished and I can honestly say that after 2 or 3 sessions, my anxiety had reduced substantially to the point where I can now take my own blood pressure – this may not sound like much, but to me this is a huge step forward.”  Jan, Bristol

“I have been playing squash for about 30 years and, for a large proportion of that time, I have been visiting Sarah to repair the damage. Sarah is a great physio, quick to diagnose and focused on getting you back to your sport as soon as possible. Sound advice, effective treatment, simple exercises and speedy recovery. What more could you want!”   Ken, Bristol

“I have been suffering with nervousness for as long as I can remember, and I met Sarah in June 2013. I found her to be both kind and professional, and she immediately put me at ease. She explained her methods after a careful consultation, and I felt very comfortable during treatment. I have noticed that I feel more confident in front of new people, and at work, which is something we focused on in the treatment.”
Laura, Bath

“I went to see Sarah initially as I was having some problems with my right leg but I took the opportunity to talk to her about my losing weight.

I am in my late 60’s, have never exercised seriously and have been over weight all my life. Unsurprisingly I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last year.

I had three sessions of NLP with Sarah. The sessions comprised talk about my goals, some NLP techniques and hypnotherapy. Since these sessions I have lost weight, I swim three times a week and have cut bread out of my diet. At my last diabetes review my blood glucose levels were down, my blood pressure down lower than it has ever been and I was 10kg lighter. My nurse was delighted.

Sarah gave me the tools and the confidence to change. I am not on a diet, I have changed the way I look at food, exercise and my life.

 I can’t thank her enough.”     Dawn, Gloucestershire

“I have only had the pleasure of Sarah’s help for the past 3 weeks, but found her professional manner and positive attitude of immense benefit to my anxiety/stress related problems. Life has taken on a new meaning for me, and I cannot thank her enough.”

Sandy, Bristol

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    I had Parts hypnotherapy, which I found a very safe experience, and have noticed considerable changes with both my anxiety and eating habits – I have lost a stone, and have been able to reassure my daughter, when she was unwell, when previously I would have found the situation overwhelming.
    I would like to thank Sarah for making such a positive difference.”
    Claire, Bath