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Sarah offers a range of services to treat both body and mind. Treatments can be offered either in combination or separately depending on both the condition, and personal preference. Some cases will show clear benefits from combining approaches, while others will respond better separately.

She treats:

Physiotherapy and Acupuncture

•    Arthritic and rheumatic conditions
•    Back pain
•    Every day sprains, strains and overuse injuries
•    Headaches and migraines
•    Knee pain, e.g. ilio-tibial band and patello-femoral pain syndrome
•    Muscle injuries
•    Neck pain e.g. following whiplash
•    Foot and ankle conditions, e.g. plantar fasciitis
•    Post trauma rehabilitation e.g. following fractures or torn ligaments
•    Sports injuries e.g. those caused by running, tennis, golf, cycling, football or rugby
•    Sciatica
•    Shoulder conditions
•    Tendonitis, e.g. rotator cuff and tennis elbow
•    Vestibular conditions e.g. vertigo, dizziness, BPPV, imbalance

NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy

•    Allergies, anxieties and addictions, including smoking
•    Communication difficulties, compulsions and confidence issues
•    Eating disorders, effective personal and business management, and exam nerves
•    Limiting negative beliefs
•    Pain management
•    Panic attacks, performance and motivation
•    Phobias and positive thinking
•    Relationship issues, relaxation and sleep
•    Weight issues and workplace worries

“During my thirty year career I have been treating people with whom I have built a great rapport and sense of trust. Now I have the opportunity to offer even more in terms of positive healing, by enabling people to optimise the mind’s ability to influence the body.”

Please note: Sarah is not a psychotherapist, and is not in a position to treat severe mental health disorders.

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    “I have met Sarah on two occasions, to help me with NLP and hypnotherapy to address two separate problems. Firstly I was experiencing severe anxiety which was affecting my enjoyment of life, and secondly I was comfort eating. Sarah was kind, professional and careful with her explanations, and I felt involved in the decision-making process with regard to my treatment.”
    Claire, Bath

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