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Hypnotherapy dates back to the healing practices used in Ancient Greece and Egypt, and is used to create unconscious change in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours and/or feelings.

“Many people think hypnotherapy is what you see on stage with people doing things that they would never normally do, such as running around clucking like a chicken or thinking they’re an onion! This is completely different from therapeutic hypnosis. Believe it or not we all enter into hypnotic states several times a day, for example when reading a book, being absorbed by a television programme or film or simply daydreaming. In hypnotherapy we simply utilise this relaxed state to access the subconscious or unconscious mind to help you make the changes you want to make quickly and easily.”

As such, hypnotherapy uses the power of suggestion for beneficial change. A hypnotherapist gives relevant, positive beneficial suggestions to help you bring about the change you desire. Although it is not the same as sleep (you still have awareness and control), hypnotherapy induces a deeply relaxed state to enable you to use your imagination fully.

Hypnotherapy works especially well in conjunction with NLP. Areas where hypnosis is especially helpful include anxiety and depression, phobias, pain management (including during childbirth); eating and sleep disorders, anger and stress management, low self-esteem and panic attacks.

Techniques include:

•    Time line therapy (taking you back and forward in time)
•    Visualisation and guided imagery
•    ‘Parts’ therapy – addressing both sides of a known inner conflict.

Hypnotherapy is an extremely powerful tool for change, bypassing the conscious mind, with all the objections it might raise, by reaching straight for the subconscious. There is no painful repeating of past experiences, or a need for ongoing counselling.

If there is an issue in your life you feel you would like to address through hypnotherapy, feel free to contact Sarah, and for more endorsements, click here.


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    “I have met Sarah on two occasions, to help me with NLP and hypnotherapy to address two separate problems. Firstly I was experiencing severe anxiety which was affecting my enjoyment of life, and secondly I was comfort eating. Sarah was kind, professional and careful with her explanations, and I felt involved in the decision-making process with regard to my treatment…
    Claire, Bath

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    Hypnotherapy Bristol