Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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NLP is a solution-focused therapy which enables people to think, communicate and manage themselves, and others, more effectively. Treatment is not only fast and effective – most people find its fun, fascinating and easy too!

Techniques include reframing past experiences in order to move forwards; anchoring more positive or reassuring responses to difficult situations, and modelling positive responses into your own behavioural repertoire. Through the practice of NLP, you can:

•    Replace negative behaviours and habits with positive ones.
•    Transform the way you go about everyday tasks.
•    Be more aware of your impact on others and how to manage your behaviour for           optimal results.
•    Better understand your own motivations, needs and behaviours and use these             positively.
•    Improve and enhance your interpersonal communication at the office and at home.
•    Learn to influence your emotional and psychological states.

Sarah uses her life coaching skills as an intrinsic part of her NLP practice. To benefit and make your life what you want it to be, please get in touch!

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    “I have been suffering with nervousness for as long as I can remember, and I met Sarah in June 2013. I found her to be both kind and professional, and she immediately put me at ease. She explained her methods after a careful consultation, and I felt very comfortable during treatment. I have noticed that I feel more confident in front of new people, and at work, which is something we focused on in the treatment.
    Laura, Bath

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