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When confidence fails you… all is not lost


Confidence. The sense that you can do anything you set your heart and mind on; that you can overcome the obstacles which may be in your way; that you can triumph, no matter what. It is something we are born with – we need it, in order to survive – but is also something which life’s obstacles can knock out of us.

For that reason, we might find the very idea of a particular situation so scary that we simply cannot imagine being able to do it. To walk into a room and introduce ourselves happily to a stranger; stand up and give a talk; perform at an interview or in an exam, or ask the boss for a pay rise or promotion. In the case of generalised poor self-confidence and low self-esteem, we might simply feel that we can’t ever achieve our goals, or that we are not worthy of love or praise. Low self-esteem can often be compounded by related problems, such as comfort eating, which then lead to an even worse sense of self-worth in terms of weight gain and subsequent negative body image.

People with low self-confidence will often feel shy, uneasy or uncomfortable in certain situations; unsure of their needs or feelings, and are likely to have negative thoughts about themselves and their abilities.  The causes can be specific or general – ongoing low confidence can be the result of an individual’s early life experiences, while fear of a certain situation may have been sparked by a particular bad experience in adulthood.

Confidence issues can be resolved.

The good news is, confidence issues can be resolved, as everyone has the ability and skills to enhance their self-confidence. It is often the case that people are simply unsure of how to tackle it, or believe it can’t be done.

The combination of Hypnotherapy and NLP is a really effective way to get to the heart of the problem, as it cuts straight to the subconscious, overriding all the negative messages that have become habitual. It isn’t a magic wand – it does not suddenly turn you into a different person – although many people experience change more quickly than they believed possible. The therapy allows you to forget the unhelpful beliefs you had about yourself. For example that you could not interview well because you fluffed an important interview in the past, or that you were unworthy of love because you had experienced rejection by a parent or other significant person in your life.

Hypnotherapy and NLP work on your subconscious mind helping you to rediscover the innate confidence you were born with, putting you back in the driving seat by reminding your subconscious of the qualities and abilities you possess which will enable your confidence to grow. These positive thoughts and behaviours will then become a natural part of you – happening without you even realising. You can learn to feel confident again, in order that you can live the life that you love!

If you would like help to improve your confidence or self-esteem, through hypnotherapy or NLP, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Anxious About Anxiety….


It’s been over a year since the launch of Sarah Holmes Health, when I added a raft of new treatments to my portfolio, introducing hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching to complement my usual fare of physiotherapy and acupuncture.

I hope you won’t mind me sending you a quick update once a month? My aim is to cover – in very brief terms – one subject at a time, with useful hints and tips for anyone to whom it is relevant, and so help you, or perhaps someone you know, to manage common conditions on a day to day basis. I promise not to bore you or clog up your inbox, but if you would prefer not to receive this type of communication from me, just reply to this email and let me know.

I thought I’d kick off with a note about anxiety. Anxiety is a remarkably common issue, and can take many forms, from fear of flying to spiders to exams. Mild anxiety is reflected in feelings of nervousness, fear and worry, and is both vague and unsettling – but in its more serious manifestations, it can result in real physical symptoms and have a debilitating impact on one’s life. Some people are prone to Generalised Anxiety Disorder, which is an ongoing condition, making the sufferer worry about everything from money to illness to family matters, even if there is no specific reason. Other forms include attachment disorders, phobias, post-traumatic stress and anxiety-related depression.

The good news is, there is a lot the individual can do to help reduce the symptoms, and indeed to overcome them. The first step is simply to recognise that there is an issue to be dealt with, and after that, relaxation and breathing exercises, yoga and meditation, exercise and a healthy diet including plenty of greens and Omega 3 can make a real difference.

But if you – or someone you know – simply can’t stop worrying about getting on that plane, or indeed missing the flight, or any other specific or non-specific anxiety, then hypnotherapy, NLP or a combination can really help to tackle the problem at source, and create new ways of thinking to avoid ‘catastrophising’ and focus on the positives.