Get Set for Autumn!

September is a funny month. The shops have been screaming ‘Back to School’ since before the end of the summer term in July, and meanwhile most of the country has had some time off in August (it’s been your month of Sundays), perhaps with a holiday abroad, and more time to relax. Traffic on the daily commute has generally been a lot less; the chances are your workplace was running on reduced staff and with a reduced sense of urgency, and you have had a chance to enjoy the longer evenings (it may even have been warm enough to sit outside without grabbing your coat).

Suddenly, September kicks in and that’s all thrown out of the window.  While many – parents of school-age children in particular – relish the chance for a new start, more routine and the chance to actually get things done, for others it can signal the start of a slow decline into winter, shorter hours of daylight and inclement weather, punctuated only by Christmas on the horizon…

However, you can change those perceptions. How would it feel if despite the evenings drawing in and the weather changing, the next few months looked bright, warm and exciting? In NLP terms, it’s all about how you train your brain to see, hear and feel in such a way that you’re always living the life you love whatever the weather! It’s amazing how, as your brain makes these changes your energy levels improve, you become more confident and even more creative.

 Here are three simple first steps to kick start your autumn energy:

  1. September is the start of the academic year when lots of courses begin – both daytime and evening. Find out what’s going on locally – learn a new skill or take up a new hobby. How would it feel to learn a new language, sing in a choir (there are a great variety in Bristol and a knowledge of music often not required) or explore your inner creativity with some form of art or literature. All known to be great for the brain and memory. Taking up a new sport or hobby now, will become a habit by the time the clocks change, and make it much easier to keep it up as the nights draw in! Doing something with other people is really helpful too both in terms of fun and motivation.
  2. Go out for a walk in the fresh air, and look forward to being able to throw armfuls of falling leaves in the air once they start to fall.  If your walking is limited, even going for a short distance filling your lungs with fresh air, enjoying the autumn smells and colours can be amazingly exhilarating.
  3. Book a treat for a couple of months’ time – it may be as simple as a special meal out or beauty treatment, or a long weekend away; or simply arranging to spend time with people who are important to you. It’s always good to have a glow on the horizon to look forward to.  Here are a few avenues to explore – Local leisure centres, Bristol City Council, University of the 3rd Age (No minimum or maximum age limit), local magazines even your local newsagents window where many local activities are advertised.

Remember to enjoy the now and give yourself a few moments every day to focus on the people and things you appreciate in life. Set some new goals and plan something to look forward to, and notice how an awesome autumn is beginning to unfold in front of you.

If you’re struggling to kick start the process yourself and would like some assistance give me a ring or e-mail (details below) and I’ll be delighted to help you to achieve the life you love!

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